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October 2023

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  1. Mastering Floral Marketing Assets: A Path to Business Growth
  2. 2024-2025 Membership Directory BOGO Ad Space
  3. AFE 2023 Scholarship Winners Announced 
  4. Annual CalFlowers Scholarship Recipients
  5. AFE Creates Sustainabloom Program
  6. 2023 Paul Ecke Jr. Award of Excellence winner Announced
  7. The First Flower in the History of Earth
  8. Transportation Updates
  9. Welcome New CalFlowers Members 

Save The Dates

2024 Fun 'N Sun Floral Convention
Omni La Costa Resort & Spa
September 4 - 7
Carlsbad, CA

 Latest Legislation

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Is a cooperative effort to get more Americans enjoying more flowers, more often. From upscale florists, farmers markets or grocery stores — as long as people are bringing home flowers regularly, that’s good enough for us.

We want everyone to experience the impact of flowers on a daily basis. They’re a beautiful, natural dose of feel-good, so why should they be reserved for special occasions?

Even the most modest bouquet of flowers can have all sorts of positive short and long term effects on how we feel — in other words, it’s that flower feeling.

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Self care has become a lot of work. You gotta pamper, practice mindfulness, balance life and work, and be awesome at all of them. Flowers on the other hand are self care made easy. They won't replace working out or eating well. But they're a spiritual tune-up. So treat yourself to a little off-the-shelf self care.

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Mastering Floral Marketing Assets: A Path to Business Growth

A FREE Webinar Sponsored by: BloomNation

Are you a part of the vibrant floral industry and looking to take your business to new heights? Join us for a free webinar hosted by That Flower Feeling, a marketing initiative dedicated to the growth of the fresh cut flower industry. Our panel of experts will share valuable insights on how to harness the power of free That Flower Feeling marketing assets to elevate your floral business. Learn strategies, tips, and best practices that can help you flourish in this competitive industry.

This event is sponsored by BloomNation, a trusted technology platform that empowers local florists to thrive and grow. It offers a full suite of tools - including custom websites, a robust POS system, automated e-mail and social media marketing, on-demand financing, and more. BloomNation empowers florists nationwide, enabling them to showcase their handcrafted custom arrangements easily, gain exposure to new customers, and maximize their profits.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

2:00 PM EST

Panelists and Featured Speakers Include:


  • Introduction to That Flower Feeling and its mission
  • Exploring the free marketing assets available
  • Real-world success stories from industry leaders
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing marketing assets
  • Q&A session with the panelists
  • Networking opportunities

Registration Deadline:
Please register no later than October 20, 2023, to secure your spot as space is limited.

This webinar is a golden opportunity for floral industry businesses to gain insights and tools that can boost their growth potential. Don't miss out on this chance to connect with industry experts and peers. Register today and take the first step towards mastering floral marketing assets for business growth with That Flower Feeling!

For any inquiries, please contact Vanessa Leite, Community Engagement and Development Specialist at [email protected] or (831) 304-4212.

2024-2025 Membership Directory BOGO Ad Space

Interested in promoting your business and services? We invite you to advertise in the CalFlowers 2024 - 2025 Membership Directory and 2024 Fun 'N Sun Convention Program Booklet. This year we are offering two ad placements for the price of one! 

Advertising with CalFlowers provides an excellent promotional opportunity for businesses, organizations, and their services to be highlighted to a network of over 900 floral industry stakeholders. With advertising space starting as low as $300, we have something for every budget. You do not need to be a CalFlowers member to advertise. 

Submit an Ad Insertion Order by 11/10/23 to be included. Artwork must be sent by 11/17/24.

Contact Jordan ([email protected]) or see details here.   

AFE 2023 Scholarship Winners Announced 

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) provides more scholarships in floriculture than any other organization to help attract, retain, and support young professionals to our industry. AFE scholarships act as a powerful catalyst for the next generation of floral industry leaders. Financial constraints can deter many students, but with the help of these scholarships, future industry leaders and innovators are able to access quality education and training, paving the way for a promising future in the floral industry. 

Congratulations to our Scholarship Class of 2023! This year, we have awarded 22 students from 13 universities with scholarships, totaling $58,100. In 2023, we received 86 applications from colleges and universities all over the nation. We would like to give a special thank you to the 52 industry members who reviewed and scored the applications!

Click Here to read the entire AFE article.


Annual CalFlowers Scholarship Recipients

This year there were two recipients of the CalFlowers Scholarship through AFE. Congratulations to both Carla Quimson and Chelsea Flood:

Carla Quimson - Cal Poly Pomona, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning CalFlowers Scholarship - $4,250 

“This scholarship means that I can focus on my education and not worry about finances. Most importantly, it means that there are people like you who support and stand behind every student like me to succeed and to help better our future.” 

Chelsea Flood - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Nutrition, Agriculture Education CalFlowers Scholarship - $4,250 

“This scholarship will significantly fund my education at Cal Poly and allow me to keep working at the Poly Plant shop. Without this scholarship I would be much more stressed out about working to pay for my college, but I can instead enjoy the job I have while still being a full-time student."

About The CalFlowers Scholarship:
The CalFlowers Scholarship is for undergraduate students attending an accredited California college or university (first priority) or an undergraduate California resident attending an accredited college or university elsewhere in the U.S. (second priority). Students applying for this scholarship do not need to be majoring in an agricultural program but must demonstrate a commitment to seeking employment in the floriculture industry after graduation. A work history or a meaningful internship experience in floriculture is necessary if the applicant is not obtaining an agricultural degree. Students should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 

Click Here to read about prior years scholarship winners.

AFE Creates Sustainabloom Program

In response to the escalating importance of sustainability in today's global landscape, the American Floral Endowment (AFE) created a new program known as Sustainabloom. This program seeks to equip the floral industry with important tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to embrace, and promote sustainable practices.

The initial two-year launch project will set the foundation and groundwork for the program and is being led by North Carolina State University expert researchers and industry advisors Dr. Melinda Knuth, Dr. Brian Jackson, and Ph.D. graduate student Amanda Solliday.  The project is being conducted in three phases. Phase I – Discovery and assessment of the adoption and application of sustainability practices being done at all business size levels. Phase I focuses primarily on collection and analysis of currently written documentation of sustainability; Phase 2 and 3 will be a physical and communicative measurement of sustainability practices, barriers of entry, the opportunity for expansion, and the dynamic nature of how sustainability is utilized in business. Applicable resources, guides, SOP’s, and call-to-action plans will be created and made available to all industry members.

In tandem with the forthcoming draft guides, a new digital platform is also in the works. The Sustainabloom website, set to be established as a subsite of AFE's existing website, will serve as a comprehensive hub for all materials and resources generated throughout the project. This dedicated space will house not only the draft guides but also supplementary content, success stories, and collaborative initiatives. The Sustainabloom website will become an integral tool in spreading awareness, fostering engagement, and propelling the industry towards a greener future.

Click Here to read the full article.


2023 Paul Ecke Jr. Award of Excellence winner Announced

Dümmen Orange senior plant breeder and manager Dr. Ruth Kobayashi (pictured left) was recently named the 2023 Paul Ecke Jr. Award of Excellence winner by San Diego Botanic Garden. The Encinitas-based nonprofit which includes a 37-acre garden located near the famed former Paul Ecke Ranch, presented her with this prestigious honor, named after the late legendary San Diego County horticulturist, Paul Ecke Jr.

Dr. Kobayashi is a world leader in the breeding and development of cut flowers, potted plants, succulents, perennials and annuals. She joined Paul Ecke Ranch in 1995, which was acquired by Dümmen Orange in 2013.

“Our organization is proud to recognize Ruth for her significant advancements in plant science and commitment to horticulture,” said Dr. Ari Novy, president and CEO of San Diego Botanic Garden. “She is a true industry leader and a worthy recipient for the 2023 Paul Ecke Jr. Award of Excellence.”

Dr. Kobayashi’s current focus is on the development of new and novel New Guinea impatiens and poinsettia cultivars. Breeding flowers for nearly three decades, she has developed more than 90 poinsettia and 80 impatiens cultivars. Several of them have been nominated for various horticultural honors including the award winning golden-colored “Autumn Leaves” poinsettia. 

Her impact on the horticulture industry has been felt far and wide. 

Click Here to read the article provided by: The Produce News


The First Flower in the History of Earth

Where do we come from? Where do trees, plants, and flowers come from? What would the first flower in the history of Earth have looked like? For centuries these questions have puzzled mankind and brought upon a quest for the origin of species. Research by Swiss botanist Prof. Dr. Jürg Schönenberger, French evolutionary biologist and botanist Dr. Hervé Sauquet, and a team of scientists from the eFlower project indicate that the first-ever flower in the history of Earth, 140m years ago, looked like magnolia and was a bisexual.

The first flowering plants appeared around 140 million years ago in the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs were still living on Earth. Its origin and its rapid evolution were already described by Charles Darwin as an "abominable mystery", a terrible mystery. It is still one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in biology today.

The origin of flowering plants is an unsolved mystery in biology. The Swiss botanist Jürg Schönenberger and an international research team have now calculated what the original flower might have looked like. Schönenberger in an interview on Swiss Radio SRF2: "We now have a good idea of what this original flower might have looked like. The question of so-called bisexuality plays an important role: Did the original flower combine both female and male organs, or were these divided separately between male and female flowers? We found that the original flower very likely combined both sexes in one flower. This is a question that has preoccupied botanists for about 200 years. We hope to have finally found an answer."

Click Here to read the article provided by: Thursd.


This month we would like to pass on some basic, but helpful information on filing product claims and surcharges. Although these two documents, created by FedEx, came out earlier in the year, they are an excellent resource. This first resource offers information regarding surcharges and fees. Keep in mind that the CalFlowers program offers members MANY surcharge and fee reductions that are significantly lower than these standard surcharges, however it is still a good reference point and has some clear definitions on what each fee / surcharge is. If you would like a summary of your program surcharge / fee discounts and waivers, please check our website or email Chris Johnson ([email protected]) for a copy.

The second resource is very helpful when you need to file a claim for damaged or lost product. Keep in mind, a product claim is different from our Money Back Guarantee, which applies to shipping charges and is handled differently. Product claims are more involved and can be confusing, but this resource helps navigate the process.

One more valuable resource has to do with any current Service Alerts. We suggest that you check this daily update each morning before shipping. 

A few other reminders:

  1. Each year FedEx imposes additional surcharges during the peak shipping season.  That time period begins October 2 and extends through January 14th. FedEx now calls it “Demand” season. Most of these Demand season fees ($6.95) do not apply to us except for boxes that are:

    1. Over 50 lbs.
    2. Greater than 48” in length
    3. Or irregular size

Click Here for more information on these end of year Peak / Demand fees. 

  1. The FedEx Money Back Guarantee (MBG) for CalFlowers members is still only for Priority and Standard Overnight. Unfortunately, FedEx has not reinstated the MBG for 2-Day or Express Saver (3 day) services. Delays due to hazardous or disruptive weather are not eligible for shipping credits. Remember that the MBG is not automatic and you will need to request it within 14 days via the website:
  2. I have also seen an increase in incorrect billing mainly due to scanning errors creating incorrect box sizes and/or logging incorrect weights making the invoice typically higher than expected. To inquire, contact the FedEx billing department (800-622-1147) and have them open a file/case. They will investigate and be in touch. If you need help, your local FedEx rep can help. See #4 below.
  3. For those wanting to know who your FedEx representative is, or if you want to be contacted by FedEx, please email me your FedEx account number and I will respond with information on your FedEx contact. It’s always a good practice to establish a relationship with your FedEx representative. They can be an asset when needed.
  4. You can have your shipments held at your nearby FedEx Office instead being delivered to your door. Having shipments held at your local FedEx office can help with temperature management since your boxes will be stored in a temperature-controlled office rather riding in a truck all morning. It’s also true that you can drop off your shipments at your local FedEx office. This can be an advantage for some parts of the country where having your packages standing by in FedEx office is preferable to being in a truck for hours.
  5. As we know, keeping an eye on the weather, nationally as well as locally is important, and a great way of doing that is by routinely checking the “Service Alerts” section of the FedEx website each morning for the latest updates. Here you will find the most current alerts and service disruption alerts updated each day.
  6. Find the latest news from FedEx here

For members looking for the latest Program Summary and Rates for 2023, they can be found posted up on our website with all our other shipping program. Please visit

To all our new members who are just starting with FedEx shipping, they have a helpful “Customer Training” service that is available upon request. This service offers shippers direct one-on-one assistance from FedEx covering many of the questions new shippers may have. If you are interested in signing up, please contact Chris Johnson via email: [email protected]. FedEx also has some excellent information for new shippers on their website. Visit: for a good summary of what FedEx offers.

For members needing FedEx Tech Support, this phone number takes you right into the department (877) 339-2774. They can help with many tech-related issues including guidance regarding on-line shipping platforms.

We would also like to remind members to stay current with their FedEx Express shipping invoices. FedEx payment terms are 15 days. All members shipping on FedEx Express are expected to stay within the FedEx payment terms. To obtain your invoice details and payment options, please contact FedEx Customer Service.

The CalFlowers GLS program is one of our popular, most value-priced offerings, with discounts well over 70% off standard rates. GLS offers later pick-ups and earlier deliveries while providing express door-to-door services covering CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA, NM, UT, and ID. Members who want to ship on GLS must sign up in advance. It’s easy and just takes a few minutes. Please contact Chris Johnson for more details at (760) 533-5580 or [email protected].   

GLS has been very receptive to our requests for program improvements. They have added the following features to our program for members to utilize.

  1. GLS will now honor product claims. Yes, if GLS is at fault (acts of God, not included) and the product arrives damaged, significantly late, or just missing, members now can file a claim. We highly recommend member shippers to indicate the correct Declared Value to be covered.
  2. GLS will credit (100%) of the shipping costs if your shipment is not delivered on the day promised. Bad weather is excluded. Members will need to request this within 48 hours at [email protected]
  3. GLS has given our account access to a special premium team of Customer Service agents. This high-level group was designed for fast response and problem solving. Please contact Chris Johnson for access to this important resource.
  4. GLS has a new revamped website. Check it out at Additionally, I recommend trying this handy Delivery Rates & Times Calculator to view delivery dates and estimated time of arrival.


For our members shipping cargo on airlines, we would like to remind you that just we had a significant update to our Alaska Air Cargo program. We are pleased to add the state of Alaska to our discounts! Now members in Alaska can ship OUTBOUND nationwide, from any major airport in Alaska (serviced by Alaska Airlines), for super discounted Express rates.  Member shippers just need a CID number and to sign up with us. 

Additionally, we added SEA and PDX to our program. Now the Pacific Northwest can ship to California at our highly discounted Express rates. Again, members just need a CID number and to sign-up.

Did you know Alaska Airlines is the largest airline operator out of San Diego. They have 67 daily flights to 33 non-stop destinations.

Newly added lane segments from Alaska Airlines are:

  • SAN to IAD in August
  • SAN to TPA and EUG in October

Alaska Airlines has also added frequency to these lane segments:

  • LAX – SFO
  • FAT to SAN
  • SAN to SFO
  • SAN to STS
  • SFO to SNA
  • SNA to STS.

Click Here for the latest in Alaska Cargo News. 
Click Here for a link to frequently asked questions.

For members wanting to get in touch with our Alaska Air Cargo Regional Sales Manager, California, Mike Narowski, he can be reached at [email protected]

If you have been taking advantage of our new CalFlowers / Alaska Airlines shipping program, you know this offering really delivers when it comes to value. Our program offers EXCELLENT pricing to many areas of the country from California, Portland, Seattle and now Alaska. Check out all the program details on our website. To sign-up, contact Chris Johnson at [email protected].

NOTE: Transportation Rate information and documents are viewable/downloadable as PDFs on the CalFlowers Members Only site. Please note that these documents are considered sensitive material and are available to the primary contacts for Ag Buddy, Associate Floral, Associate Grower, and Floral members. 

Welcome New CalFlowers Members

We are pleased to welcome the following new CalFlowers members from September 11 - October 13, 2023:

Associate Floral
FlowersBay LLC
Orlando, AL

Associate Grower
Kentucky 1871 Flowers
Fuquay Varina, NC

Allen's Flowers and Plants, LLC
San Diego, CA

Ecuador’s Origin Products
Los Angeles, CA

Nor Cal Flower Shippers
Royal Oaks, CA 

Ph. 831-479-4912 | Fax 831-479-4914