World Floral Expo 2017

HPP Exhibitions' 2017 international flower trade show World Floral Expo (WFE) will be coming to Las Vegas, NV, at the World Market Center, Pavilion 2, on March 22-24, following the very successful 2015 and 2016 events.  Be a part of and plan to visit the Pavilion where CalFlowers' members will demonstrate how Californians support:

More Americans, enjoying more flowers, more often

The California cut flower industry is thrilled to have WFE in the west again for a variety of reasons – more importantly, the market seems to like it too! See chart below, reporting that registrations are UP over 33% from last year (Mar. 13, 2016 vs. Mar. 13, 2017).   Perhaps even more important about early registration figures for 2017 is that "company registrations" are up by more than 50% over this same time last year.  Visitors to WFE will have the opportunity to see many of California’s nearly 660 varieties of commercial cut flowers on display and to speak to the growers of these beautiful flowers.

    13-Mar-16 13-Mar-17 Difference
% +/-
  Total Registered Attendees 449 601 +152 +33.9%
  Total Registered Companies 238 357 +119 +50%


Buyers of cut flowers and potted plants should not miss WFE in Las Vegas and if while so close to California, you’d like to visit a California flower farm, ask one of our CalFlowers members, or call our offices at 831-479-4912, and we’ll see if we can connect you with one of our growers.

3,200 square feet of exhibit space has been set aside to feature and celebrate California products.  

CalFlowers members are thrilled to exhibit with other world-class flower growers from around the globe who contribute to the U.S. markets.  On display will be an unprecedented level of cooperation between the major U.S. floral industry stakeholders, including non-U.S. growers, to promote per capita flower consumption in the U.S. from its current place of 15th in the world to a much greater market share.

CalFlowers, the trade association in the U.S. for the distribution of flowers and floral products across the country, also notes that while the California Pavilion will feature an impressive collection of cut flowers grown in the state, it will also include CalFlowers’ distributor members. 

WFE 2016 Show Report

For a complete report on WFE 2016 held in Los Angeles, please visit the WFE 2016 Show Report.  It contains information about the demographics of attendees at that event, photos, and testimonials of CalFlowers members who exhibited.

Registering for WFE 2017

CalFlower members have the opportunity to exhibit on the World Floral Expo floor in a special "California Pavilion" at significant discounts:

  General Rates CalFlowers Members
Growers Non-Growers

Registration Fee
Includes: Show directory entry

$150.00 No Charge No Charge
Floor Space + Booth Construction Package
  • Drayage
  • Pipe and drape (back and side walls)
  • gray carpet
  • signage with company name
$25.00 / sq.ft. $12.50 / sq.ft.
(first 100 sq.ft.
free of charge)

$18.75 / sq.ft.
(first 100 sq. ft. 
@ $9.50 per sq. ft.)


Flower Designing
  • flower designing
  • design maintenance
  • rental of vase and pillar
(You will automatically be contacted by the manager of the HPP Exhibitions flower design team to discuss your specific needs if selecting this option.)
per flower design
per flower design
per flower design


Below is the WFE 2017 floor plan as of March 9, 2017, highlighting the California Pavilion at the center of the exhibit hall. 
Exhibit space is now sold out in the California Pavilion. 

WFE 2017 Exhibitor Floor Plan

The above image is an enlarged version of the pavilion below:


Request Exhibit Space

  CalFlower Member: Required
  Member Type: Grower   Non-Flower Grower   Required
  Contact Name: Required
  Contact Email: Required
  Contact Phone: Required
  Exhibit Size & Space Selection: 100 sq.ft.   200 sq.ft.   Other Required
List the 3-digit space codes that are your preferences:
  Join Planning Task Force: I would like to be on planning task force. 

If you have questions about this project, feel free to email or call me:
   Michael LoBue
   415-561-6111 Direct
   [email protected]



Exhibitors in the California Pavilion
Member Contact Exhibit Space Booth
Alaska Peony Marketing Group Beth Van Sandt 100 sq. ft. 337
CalFlowers Michael LoBue 400 sq. ft. 325
Continental Floral Greens Christine Douglas 200 sq. ft. 426
Cool Cache Farms   100 sq. ft. 243
Chrysal   100 sq. ft. 235
Deliflor Juan Lecuona 100 sq. ft. 444
Dramm & Echter Mike Mooney 200 sq. ft. 232
FBI Flowers / Sun Vista Farms Frank Biddle 200 sq. ft. 335
Florabundance Joost Bongaerts 100 sq. ft. 438
Golden State Overnight (GSO) Andira Fara 200 sq. ft. 341
Harbor Packaging

Casey Richmond

100 sq. ft. 343
Holland America Flowers Ben Dobbe 200 sq. ft. 338
Kennicott Kuts Stephen Kennicott 100 sq. ft.  336
Liberty Blooms, Inc. Daniel Fonnegra 200 sq. ft. 326
Mellano & Company Bruce Brady 100 sq. ft. 344
South Pacific Orchids Jason Phan 200 sq. ft.  241
Southwest Airlines Cargo 200 sq. ft. 343
Valley Springs Mike Henriquez 200 sq. ft. 454
WAFEX USA / Latitude 33 Floral Group Steve Dionne 200 sq. ft. 332
Total   3,200 sq. ft.