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Volume VII, Issue 11

November 2021

In This Issue ...

  1. CalFlowers Prepares Major Consumer-Direct Marketing Campaign
  2. 100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  3. World Floral Expo Announces New Updated
  4. "2022" Dates
  5. Transportation
  6. Welcome New CalFlowers Members

Upcoming Events:

2022 Great Lakes Floral and Events Expo "Inspire" 
March 4 - 6
DeVos Place
Grand Rapids, MI

 World Floral Expo 2022
June 8 - 10
Jacob J. Javits Center of New York

AIFD Symposium "Roots"
July 4 - 8
Caesars Forum Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV

Fun 'N Sun
"All About Flowers"
Aug. 29 - Sept. 1, 2022
Hotel del Coronado
Coronado, CA
Click Here to Rediscover the California legend - Hotel del Coronado.

Latest Legislation
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November Birth Flower:

The chrysanthemum is the November birth flower.  Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China many centuries ago, and have appeared in ancient Chinese writings since 15th century BC. The Chinese used the chrysanthemum as an herbal remedy for various ailments such as headache relief, reducing blood pressure and as an anti-inflammatory.

From China, the chrysanthemum migrated across the sea to Japan where it was further cultivated by Buddhist monks in AD 400. Due to its beauty, the flower quickly became the official flower for the Japanese emperor’s crest and official seal. The Japanese word for chrysanthemum is “kiku” and every year the country celebrates National Chrysanthemum Day, which is also referred to as the Festival of Happiness.

The chrysanthemum finally made its way over to Europe in the 17th century where Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy, coined the name “chrysanthemum.” The name is a fusion of the words “chrysos” meaning gold, and “anthemon” meaning flower. Today, this November flower has become one of the most popular flowers around the world.

As the birth flower for November, the chrysanthemum is one of the most colorful flowers that bloom in fall — a season that’s known for having only a few colorful blooms. Therefore, the chrysanthemum symbolizes joy and beauty despite the oncoming colder months.

Different chrysanthemums carry different meanings across various time periods and cultures. According to the Victorian language of flowers, chrysanthemums symbolize friendship and well-wishing. In Buddhism, chrysanthemums are used as offerings to emit powerful Yang energy. In China, chrysanthemums are commonly offered to the elderly, as they symbolize long life and good luck. In Australia, chrysanthemums are the official flowers for Mother’s Day due to their nickname “mum.”

Chrysanthemums come in a variety of different colors, each holding a different meaning:

  • White chrysanthemums symbolize loyalty and honesty.
  • Red chrysanthemums symbolize love and deep passion.
  • Violet chrysanthemums symbolize a wish to get well.
  • Yellow chrysanthemums symbolize neglected love or sorrow.

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CalFlowers Prepares Major Consumer-Direct Marketing Campaign

At our Member Appreciation Event in August, CalFlowers provided to attendees our exciting, new marketing initiative.  CalFlowers’ aspirational goal is “More Americans enjoying more flowers more often” and we are excited to launch this high-impact campaign on behalf of the broader floral industry.

The first two weeks of October, CalFlowers Board members Jeanne Boes and Joost Bongaerts, along with Executive Director Steve Dionne, (pictured below) were on location in Warsaw, Poland and Amsterdam, Netherlands to oversee the film and still photo production, as well as brand design and website development, for our new campaign.

There is agreement around the industry that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the demand profile for fresh flowers.  Many American consumers have altered their buying patterns to include more self-purchases, driven by a desire for the beauty of fresh flowers in their homes.  The well-recognized positive mental health effects of flowers have caused flowers to enter a new category in the minds of consumers.

Our marketing campaign, to be launched on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Pinterest in January 2022 is specifically designed to capitalize on this emerging trend.  Our media distribution is planned to engage over 60 million consumers in our target audience, “aesthetic explorers” comprised of women in the 25-39 age category who are focused on wellness and style.

The results from Warsaw and Amsterdam have been very encouraging!  Working with a team that includes 180 Amsterdam (NL), MindsEye Productions (UK), Tango Productions (PL) and with floral stylists The Wunderkammer (GR), and director Dugan O’Neal from Los Angeles, we expect to have a professional, polished ad campaign that incorporates humor, visual interest, and a relatable message that promotes the enjoyment of fresh flowers. 

As the campaign draws nearer, CalFlowers will be reaching out to many industry stakeholders to help amplify our consumer messaging through your own social media channels, as well as hard assets such as point-of-sale posters and truck wrap graphic designs.

Click Here to read the full press release.

For inquiries, please contact Steve Dionne, Executive Director of CalFlowers at [email protected].


100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Floral Industry honors the Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

On Armistice Day 1921, an unidentified American Serviceman from the Great War was interred at the Memorial Amphitheater.

The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation and CalFlowers were selected by the Arlington National Cemetery to provide flowers and logistics for a unique two-day event commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider to take place on November 9th and 10th of 2021.

Over 70,000 complimentary flowers were made available to every cemetery visitor.

Taking inspiration from the 1921 inauguration in which members were the first to approach the Tomb, the ceremony on November 9 opened with the Chief of the Crow Nation placing a large Californian and Colombian flower bouquet, crafted by an MDFF board member.  The Chief was accompanied by 100 members of the tribe, all of whom placed a rose received from our volunteers.

For the first time in over half a century, visitors were allowed to walk on the plaza to place their flower tribute.

Visitors were also encouraged to place flowers at the 5,000 markers for Unknown Soldiers at Sections 13 and 48.

A group of core volunteers delivered 1,000 Holland America and Passion Roses bouquets for all residents and staff at both Vinson Hall Retirement Community and the Armed Forces Retirement Home.

A small group from MDFF and Peraton were also invited to place flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the Revolutionary War in nearby Alexandria Virginia.

Non-Floral industry sponsorship and volunteers came from Peraton, TD Bank, and Truist.

Holland America Flowers, Ocean Breeze International, Passion Roses, The Queens Group, Solé Farms, and Gallería Farms donated more than 45,000 of flowers placed. Bouquet Collection donated wet packing.

Memorial Day Flowers members Jeff Piscatelli (Younger and Son) and Stephen Armellini (Armellini Express Lines) arranged all transportation.

Memorial Day Flowers Foundation wishes to thank all our sponsors, volunteers, donors, and supporters for making this event an overwhelming success.

World Floral Expo Announces Updated New "2022" Dates

World Floral Expo announced its new show dates for 2022.  Covid-19 was the cause for the earlier rescheduling of the international flower trade show, but organizers hope and trust that this time it can finally take place.

The dates that were confirmed have been set for Wednesday, June 8 - June 10 in 2022 in the Jacob J. Javits Center of New York.  You will be able to find all the latest news updates on the website of the show

We look forward to seeing you next year at World Floral Expo 2022 in New York City! 


With the holiday season upon us, we can expect logistics across the U.S. to struggle.  Carriers over all segments are under increasing pressure from many sources.  Our overnight carriers, like other segments, are still dealing with labor and operational issues.  When you combine that challenge with record volumes being shipped into their systems, it becomes understandable that consistency is suffering across the board.  Unfortunately, these challenging times are expected to continue into the near-term future especially with holiday season in full swing.  With that, we recommend having patience and looking carefully at the service level you choose when evaluating delivery time options with our carriers.  We strongly suggest choosing the highest priority service available.  This will give your shipment the highest level of service that delivers earlier, as this helps to keep you and your customers expectations in line with the current environment.

FedEx has released a statement outlining the steps they are taking to help alleviate the backlog and delays in their system. 
Click Here for more information.

As is normally the case in November, weather can be an issue.  We recommend checking with FedEx for any Service Alerts that can affect shipping:  These Service Alerts are issued daily and can be helpful in managing your expectations during inclement weather

As a reminder, for the Thanksgiving / Christmas Holiday Peak season, FedEx has suspended the Money Back Guarantee (MBG) for all accounts nationwide.  This will be in effect until January 16, 2022 or until otherwise stated.

As costs rise for our carriers, you will see surcharges rise as well across the board.  For those members wanting to reference the latest FedEx Surcharges and Fees click here (yellow link). .  We have also posted this information on our website CLICK HERE.  where members can find a handy summary of what to expect.  Remember, CalFlowers members have many significant discounts off of these surcharges which add excellent value to our program.  For a list our surcharge discounts, please refer to the FedEx Program Summary on our website

For qualifying members wanting to contact their local FedEx representative, feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch with the right person.  It’s always a good idea to establish a relationship with your local FedEx field representatives who can help out when you need them or have questions.  

To all our new members who are just starting with FedEx shipping, they have a nice “Customer Training” service that is available upon request.  This service offers shippers direct one-on-one assistance from FedEx covering many of the questions new shippers may have.  If you are interested in signing up, please contact Chris Johnson [email protected].  FedEx also has some excellent information for new shippers on their website.  Visit: for a good summary of what FedEx offers

For members needing FedEx Tech Support, this phone number takes your right into the department (877) 339-2774.  They can help with many tech related issues including guidance regarding on-line shipping platforms.

We would also like to remind members to stay current with their FedEx Express shipping invoices. FedEx payment terms are 15 days.  All members shipping on FedEx Express are expected to stay within the FedEx payment terms.  To obtain your invoice details and payment options, please contact FedEx Customer Service.

Currently GLS is reporting record volumes.  Combine this with labor shortages causing operational challenges, on-time deliveries in some areas can be affected.

The good news here is that even though GLS has not officially re-instated their Money Back Guarantee (shipping costs), they HAVE amended that policy for CalFlowers members.  Our agreement with GLS now states that they will credit shipping costs to member shippers if the shipment is not delivered on the scheduled day of delivery.  Members will need to request this within 48 hours by contacting customer service by sending an email to: [email protected].  Include your account number, tracking number and explanation.  Let them know you are seeking shipping charges credited.

Regarding claims on product (inside the box), Generally speaking, GLS will entertain a claim if the box is missing / lost or damage is present on the exterior of the package.  GLS will not generally process a claim simply if a box is delivered late.  For complete details, please visit

The CalFlowers GLS program is one of our fastest growing, most value-priced offerings, with discounts over 70% off standard rates.  GLS offers later pick-ups and earlier deliveries while providing express door-to-door services covering CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA, NM, UT and ID.  Members who want to ship on GLS must sign up in advance. It’s easy and just takes a few minutes.  Please contact Chris Johnson for more details at (760) 533-5580 or [email protected].   

Please use the Delivery Rates & Times Calculator to view delivery dates and estimated.

We know that OnTrac got their start in California and services every ZIP code within California, but did you know OnTrac also services seven other Western States?  OnTrac has 2-day service into WA, OR, ID, NV, UT, AZ, and CO.  And to help understand the service parameters, OnTrac has a very nice “Time and Transit Map” under Zip Tools on their website.  This handy map loaded from YOUR zip code helps you understand OnTrac’s overnight commitment areas.  To download your map, please visit:

Changes to Our Service Guarantee
The Money-Back Service Guarantee on OnTrac is still suspended.

For more information on OnTrac, please contact Chris Johnson at [email protected]


If you have been taking advantage of our new CalFlowers/Alaska Airlines shipping program, you know this offering really delivers when it comes to value.  Our program offers excellent pricing to many areas of the country from California, while adding a few new destinations such as Seattle, Portland and Anchorage. Check out all the program details on our website.

As a reminder, JetBlue offers CalFlowers members exceptional express prices out of LAX / SFO to Boston, New York, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Puerto Rico and now NEWARK (EWR). 

These new rates are some of the best that we’ve see in some time.  For more information, please contact Chris Johnson at [email protected] or Mark Friedenthal at JetBlue Cargo (310) 490-2659.

NOTE: Transportation Rate information and documents are viewable/downloadable as PDFs on the CalFlowers Members Only site. Please note that these documents are considered sensitive material and are available to the primary contacts for Ag Buddy, Associate Floral, Associate Grower, and Floral members.

Welcome New CalFlowers Members

We are pleased to welcome the following new CalFlowers members from September 17 through November17, 2021:

Associate Floral
Ellie and Athos
Winston-Salem, NC

Alpine Rose, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY

Pomp Flowers 18
Miami, FL

Maya's Flowers
Miami, FL

Adara Wholesale
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Bokay, Inc.
Alpharetta, GA

Associate Grower
Speedling, Incorporated
Sun City, FL

Winters Farm Florals, LLC
Hebron, MD

Figone Nursery
Half Moon Bay, CA

Lyal Nickals Inc.
San Leandro, CA 

Ph. 831-479-4912 | Fax 831-479-4914