CalFlowers Member Surveys

Membership surveys are essential to help the board and staff better understand what is important to CalFlowers members. 

Over the past few years there's been a slight increase in the number of surveys members have been asked to take.  We try not to over-survey our members, and when we ask our members to provide input though a survey, we do our very best to include only relevant questions and make them as clear and simple as possible.  We greatly appreciate the time and care members take in completing these surveys.  We are pleased to highlight the results of recent surveys below. 

To request to review entire completed surveys, please email Monnaie Pepin or Ginger Tulley.

FedEx Office Print Discounts Survey 

Dates:  October 26 – November 9, 2018
Sent to: 1,279 member representatives from 701 member companies
Responses:  138
Number of questions:  7


  • One in 3 CalFlowers member companies report currently using FedEx Office
  • Of the one-third who report using FedEx Office, about half use an invoice account 
  • Respondents listed a total of 91 different printers that they use
  • "Marketing materials, including sales flyers, brochures, catalogs, etc." was the most frequent type of print service used by respondents (70%)
  • "Signs/banners/posters/ or other large format" was selected by 58% of respondents
  • "Digital copy/print of documents" was selected by 57% of respondents.
  • 42% of 101 respondents use Direct Mail campaigns (also part of the FedEx Office program offers)
  • There was a wide range of responses about "estimated annual company spend on print materials." Of the 78 responding to this question, the total annual spend is $878,100, the average is $12,537 per company that reported, while two respondents stated that they each spent over $100,000/year on print services (these were each verified).
  • 53% of respondents answered "Yes" that they would use a nationwide program with exceptional discounts" if it is made available; 44% responded "not sure/depends" and only 3% responded that they would not use such program.

Strategic Plan Survey

Dates:  August 29 – September 10, 2018
Sent to:  All member representatives
Responses:  126

  1. The overall value of CalFlowers membership is rated quite highly, particularly among respondents from lower revenue companies.
  2. The likelihood of renewing and recommending membership is quite high, though the latter slightly less so. CalFlowers appears to have a high ‘loyalty index’ based on the combined likelihood to both renew and recommend.
  3. Two issues stood out as most concerning for impact on the floral industry over the next few years: (1) transportation costs, laws, regulations, infrastructure, etc.; and (2) expanded opportunities/competition for flower sales, such as grocery stores and online via Amazon or other e-commerce. These two issues speak directly to both sides of the ‘costs/revenue’ coin.  As a key to membership value, CalFlowers has achieved significant shipping discounts over the years. But there are ongoing concerns among members about the availability and costs related to refrigerated truck transportation of their perishable products.
  4. Eight additional issues are predicted to have somewhat of a strong impact, and one more a moderate to high impact.
  5. By far, the most common belief about CalFlowers and regulatory or legislative advocacy is to work with other organizations, rather than go it alone or not engage at all.
  6. No specific geographic scope dominated as the preferred focus for CalFlowers. A higher emphasis on interests in the state of California, with some focus on the rest of the U.S. was rated highly, But equal focus between the two was highest rated. However, exclusive focus on California was by far the lowest rated option., Additionally, less focus on California versus the rest of the U.S., or exclusive focus on the rest of the country also were rated quite low.
  7. Not surprisingly, the FedEx discount program received extremely high ratings for importance. However, while it also received high ratings for satisfaction, the lag between satisfaction and importance is somewhat of concern in general and in light of the programs’ high importance.
  8. The importance of CalFlowers’ other three shipping programs considerably lags FedEx, though not quite as much for air cargo. However, the lag between satisfaction and importance for air cargo is also of concern.
  9. Approximately half of respondents have never been to Fun ‘N Sun (especially those not from California), and the most important reasons are cost and being too new a member. Clearly, CalFlowers can influence the former far more than the latter. The other reasons not to attend were much less common.
  10. Respondents who have attended Fun ‘N Sun at least once are likely to say its importance is much higher than those who have never attended. However, importance is only moderate to high among those who have attended (and very low among those who have not). Both attendance at and importance of Fun ‘N Sun was rated most highly among members with higher revenues.
  11. Likely attendance at 2019 Fun ‘N Sun appears moderate to high. Not surprisingly this correlates most highly with geographic proximity to the venue and less so with length of time in business or as a member.
  12. While the member meetings in the off years of Fun ‘N Sun were not a key component in this survey, strong interest in more educational events in those years was indicated. An onsite survey and/or focus group at next Fun N’ Sun could assist in further clarifying member interests and preferences regarding future educational opportunities.
  13. While the online member directory received moderate to high ratings for importance, five other items received moderate ratings, and the relationship with the United Agribusiness League received very low ratings. Minimal to no lags were found between satisfaction and importance for all seven benefits highlighted. {See chart on page 18}.
  14. The amount of CalFlowers’ communications about its activities, efforts, etc., is seen as appropriate, with a slight degree of interest in more communications. The electronic newsletter is of moderate to high importance, and satisfaction was rated slightly higher than importance.
  15. The CalFlowers website appears to be considered good by most respondents, but those saying good and excellent far outnumbered those saying fair and poor.
  16. Respondents appear to be quite active on Facebook, and to a lesser but still high extent on Instagram, for posting at least monthly to promote products and services. The other four social media platforms queried appear to be used far less often.
  17. Respondents appear to somewhat actively measure the reach of their social media activities, using a combination of methods.
  18. Respondents appear moderately interested in CalFlowers communicating to the general public about issues important to the floral industry. Growers/shippers appear more interested in this than other member segments.
  19. Respondents were members of CalFlowers in numbers that far exceeded their membership in other associations. Membership in the Society of American Florists and the Wholesale Florist and Florist Supplier Association were fairly common, as well as the Farm Bureau.
  20. CalFlowers professional staff received very high ratings for three key components of service.